mod_replace: FAQ

Q: Does it run on my platform?

A: I don't know. It has been developed under Linux/i386 and Solaris 8/Sparc. It runs well on these platforms. It has been developed using NO platform specific code (AFAIK). So it should run on all Apache supported platforms. Reports of (un-)successful deployment of mod_replace are always welcome.

Q: The body replacement works when I use a simple telnet connection to the server, but not with a browser. What is wrong?

A: Your browser most likely sends a "Accept-Encoding: gzip" in the HTTP header and the server compresses the response (eg. with mod_gzip). Try either to unset the request header entry ( mod_headers is great for this) or turn off the compression.

Add the following line:

RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding

Q: The replacement works OK, but sometimes images or other binaries are garbled.

A: Any data that comes from the server is most likely to be passed through your filter. Narrow the intype to text/html.

Q: Will there be an Apache 1.3.x version?

A: No! mod_replace has been developed using Apache 2. The differences between both versions are most likely too big to make it work. If anyone is interested in porting the module, he/she is more than welcome.

Q: My question is not covered here. What should I do?

A: Send me an email: sttesch (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net with complete details, what you are trying to achive, with your configuration (httpd.conf, Apache version, ...) and a description what exactly is not working.